Every great story has an origin story--this is ours. Pridelands was birthed in the mind of Los Angeles-based artist Marco Bernard after imagining Scar, from Disney's the Lion King as a character on the Netflix original series, Beastars.

This passing thought evolved into the now familiar anthropomorphic drawing of Scar in a black suit that has circulated the internet, trending on Twitter, and appearing in numerous publications such as Buzzfeed and Pop Sugar (Click link to Read Articles)

Naturally, the fans demanded Scar had some company, so the rest of the Pridelands family was born, including Mufasa, Simba and Nala, Sarabi, Shenzi the Hyena, Rafiki, and many others characters that are now familiar parts of internet history, on t-shirts and hoodies, stickers and your imaginations.


Check out this awesome Bound/ Cosplay of the Pridelands Characters! 

Pridelands, in spite of a rapid fan response and massive internet footprint, was still only beginning to evolve. Ashlea Archer, a longtime college friend of Marco's and writer, decided the characters deserved a modern story to match their new modern introduction to the 21st century world. Her story was a present-day gritty tale where Mufasa and Scar ran a multi-billion dollar company called, Pride Rock Realty, in California. When Mufasa, without consulting Scar, makes a decision that will forever change  Pride Rock Realty, an innocent story of two self-made brothers becomes of tragedy of death, infidelity, fraud, betrayal and the family will never be the same. Pridelands still, however, had more to give to the fans when animator, Marquise Staton, and character design artist, Johnathan Edwards, breathed life literally into the Pridelands characters through motion. In this new light, the fan base made the request--no, demanded--for more and that's why this page exist. When the fans speak, the creators listen. The cast has grown exponentially to include character from movies like The Jungle Book, Aladdin, Lady and the Tramp etc. We will explore the relationships to these characters as well.

This is our world now. It is our intention to create an animated series featuring these characters. We think this dramatic interpretation is a breath of fresh air that the world needs.  Get in, buckle your seatbelt. Welcome to the Pridelands. 

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