About the creator


The Beginning

Once upon a time in New York, there was a boy who loved to draw. He used to get in trouble for sketching in class until he met a teacher that helped him focus on  getting good grades and art at the same time. After learning some balance, he began to get the hang of it. He and his family moved down south and after a few years he attended Florida Southern College where he graduated with a BFA in Graphic Design. 


The Hero's Journey

After college, he wandered around searching for his fit. He worked at Disney World as a college program intern; he did face painting around the Orlando theme parks; he worked as a Sports catalog designer; he even tried being a Cruise line caller. That was the last straw. The boy decided to start fresh in California.


The Destination

After being in California for a while, he met a bunch of awesome people and he officially launched Masterminds Connect, which aspires to be a place for like-minded creatives to come together and take over the world. In other words, where Masterminds Connect.


This video explains everything.